Upcoming / Ongoing Exhibitions

Singapore Utopia, ChanHori Contemporary, Singapore (27th July - 1st September 2019)
Remedy for Rage, Objectifs, Singapore (October 2019)


2019 - National Youth Film Awards “Best Art Direction” for Automatonomy, Singapore
2019 - ArtOutreach IMPART “Visual Artist Award” Winner, Singapore
2018 - President’s Young Talents “People’s Choice Award” for The scars that write us, Singapore
2012 - Japan Media Arts Festival “Jury Selection Award” for Eco-awareness flash game Jimmyfish, Japan

Solo Exhibitions & Key Presentations

2019 - Stories of a woman and her dowry, Grey Projects, Singapore
2019 - Variations and Variables, National University of Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore
2018 - The scars that write us, Presidents Young Talents 2018, Singapore Art Museum 8Q, Singapore
2018 - Flower Flights, Art Porters, Singapore
2016 - 追花 Chasing Flowers, NUSS, Singapore

Group Presentations

2019 - Remedy for Rage, Objectifs, Singapore
2019 - Singapore Utopia, ChanHori Contemporary, Singapore
2019 - Raw Forms, Coda Culture, Singapore
2018 - Still, Singapore Life, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
2018 - Auguries of Modern InnocenceThe Arts House, Singapore
2016 - Untapped Emerging, Shophouse 5, Visual Arts Development Association, Singapore
2016 - Spirit of Place, (part of Liao Jiekai’s The Drawing Room), Jendela Visual Arts Space, Singapore
2016 - What! Another Exhibition? (collaboration with Singapore Horn Trio’s Johannes Brahm Horn Trio op. 40), Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore
2015 - Studying Life, Artistry, Singapore
2015 - Noise Singapore 2015 Festival Exhibition, Singapore
2015 - Fresh Takes, ChanHampe Gallery, Singapore
2015 - The Mill Destruction & Rebirth, The Mill, Singapore
2014 - Floral Magic x On Pedder, Singapore
2014 - Noise Singapore 2014 Festival Exhibition, Singapore


2019 - Object Lessons Space: “Yanyun Chen on Navigating the Nude, the Pulsating Qualities of Charcoal and Creating Autofictional Installations”
2019 - Bak Chor Mee Boy: “Museum Musings: Stories of a Woman and Her Dowry by Yanyun Chen”
2019 - Straits Times: “Is $2,000 worth paying for a young artist's work?”
2019 - 联合早报: “陈彦云个展: 两代嫁妆 三代女人的故事”
2019 - Art World Forum “Defining An Artist with Yanyun Chen, “Someone Who Designs the Very Framework of “Responsibility”"
2019 - Bak Chor Mee Boy: “NUS Arts Festival 2019: Variations and Variables (Review)”
2019 - NUS Staff Awards: “Impactful work wins visual art award”
2019 - Female Magazine: “Defenders of the Lost Arts”
2019 - Rice Media “Life after Recognition: Does being an artist get easier after winning an award?”
2019 - Plural Art Magazine “The Language of Flowers”
2018 - 联合早报 “艺术星势力”
2018 - Rice Media “What does art look like to the people who stare at it everyday?”
2018 - Straits Times: “Risk elements help visual artist clinch grand prize at President's Young Talents awards”
2018 - Straits Times: “What artworks reside in the homes of Singapore artists?”
2018 - Straits Times: “Arts picks: Charcoal drawings of flowers, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Young People's nostalgia concert”
2018 - Buro247: “How to be an artist in Singapore, according to President Young Talents' artists”
2018 - AList: “Baring skin, scars and personal stories”
2018 - Straits Times: “President’s Young Talents exhibition: Digging Deeper for Inspiration”
2018 - Bak Chor Mee Boy: “Museum Musings: President’s Young Talents 2018 at Singapore Art Museum”
2018 - The Artling: “Of Soil & Scars: The President’s Young Talents Finalists 2018.”
2018 - BlouinArtifino: “7th Edition of President’s Young Talents at Singapore Art Museum”
2018 - Straits Times: “Soil and scars on display as part of the President's Young Talents 2018 exhibition”
2018 - Straits Times: “National Gallery Hit or Miss?
2017 - Glass: A Journal of Poetry "Review of 'It's Fiction' by Yanyun Chen"
2016 - 联合早报 “南艺三校友 让音乐与绘画摩擦碰撞”
2016 - Art Hop "A post-mortem reflection: Yanyun Chen's Chasing Flowers"
2016 - NUSS Guild House: Chasing Flowers
2016 - Harper's Bazaar Art Prize "Art on Sale"
2015 - Nitram Charcoal: Artist Feature
2015 - Female Magazine "Singapore Artist Yanyun Chen's Still Life Drawings are Hauntingly Beautiful"
2015 - Gallery & Studio Volume Five 2015 "History Redefined"
2015 - Culturepush "Exhib! 追花. Chasing Flowers by Yanyun Chen"
2010 - Culturepush "Spotted! Yanyun Chen"