Solo Exhibition

追花 Chasing Flowers, NUSS, Singapore

Group Exhibitions

Still, Singapore Life, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
Auguries of Modern Innocence, The Arts House, Singapore

Untapped Emerging, Shophouse 5, Visual Arts Development Association, Singapore
Spirit of Place, (part of Liao Jiekai’s The Drawing Room), Jendela Visual Arts Space, Singapore
What! Another Exhibition? (collaboration with Singapore Horn Trio’s Johannes Brahm Horn Trio op. 40), Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore

Studying Life, Artistry, Singapore
Noise Singapore 2015 Festival Exhibition, Singapore
Fresh Takes, ChanHampe Gallery, Singapore
The Mill Destruction & Rebirth, The Mill, Singapore

Floral Magic x On Pedder, Singapore
Noise Singapore 2014 Festival Exhibition, Singapore



2017 - Glass: A Journal of Poetry "Review of 'It's Fiction' by Yanyun Chen"
2016 - 联合早报 “南艺三校友 让音乐与绘画摩擦碰撞”
2016 - Art Hop "A post-mortem reflection: Yanyun Chen's Chasing Flowers"
2016 - Harper's Bazaar Art Prize "Art on Sale"
2015 - Female Magazine "Singapore Artist Yanyun Chen's Still Life Drawings are Hauntingly Beautiful"
2015 - Gallery & Studio Volume Five 2015 "History Redefined"
2015 - Culturepush "Exhib! 追花. Chasing Flowers by Yanyun Chen"
2010 - Culturepush "Spotted! Yanyun Chen"