Flower Flights


To chase flowers and witness their withering is to practice being present to a gentle exit:
a blossom, flurry of color, then a tender fade without a sound. A clean white slate.
In the master-epic Dream of the Red Chamber, the protagonist dreams of reading a book of
destiny that foretells the slow and eventual devastation and obliteration of his entire family.
It will end. It does end. Perhaps, all one has, all one is left with—all one is left wanting—is  
to experience the joy of life’s flourish in full bloom; to watch the flowers take flight; and to
embrace their soft cascade as their petals fall back to the earth.

I am a flaneur amidst Saṃsāra’s dust.


Flower Flights was a solo exhibition held at Art Porters Gallery from 7th November 2018 to 6th January 2019.
It is a continuation and development of the flower series, Chasing Flowers, first exhibited in 2016.
As a collection of material experiments, the floral motifs remain, while its surfaces and mediums vary. The question persists—“how far can I go with this?”