Johannes Brahms Horn Trop Op. 40 compositions are romantic epics of a scale a single plane cannot comprehend. It speaks of the quietest mournings and the loudest screams, floods of tears and silent weepings. It sings of the luscious gentle greens surrounding the most intense hunt, a game of seduction, and murder. Bodies darting between tree trunks, prey and predator indistinguishable. It draws the caress of sunlight light cascading down petals and leaves to hit the ground of a wind swept forest. 

The images they recall are so big that they are out of touch with representation, so big that they are abstract. They are projects of his emotions, in a time where image, sound, and text were competing to project an inflated metaphysical, orgasmic drama of man against nature, man with nature, man consumed by nature. 

These drawing are my interpretations of his four movements in Horn Trio op. 40. It is exhibited at the “What! Another Exhibition?” concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore, on the 29th of December 2016